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This simple to pursue formula makes the best hand crafted hotcakes. These flapjacks are light and cushioned, with only a trace of sweetness, however not all that much that you can't in any case suffocate them in tasty maple syrup! I've included tips underneath and a video to help answer any inquiries on the best way to make flapjacks starting with no outside help. This post contains partner joins.

tall pile of hand crafted hotcakes on a white plate

I know sustenance bloggers have negative criticism for tossing around the expression "best ever" excessively often. Companions. Take a gander at my eyes… these hotcakes are the genuine article. I've been hunting down the best flapjack formula ever, and I've at long last culminated it. Thick and cushioned, with a trace of sweetness, yet not all that much so you can in any case suffocate them in syrup.

  • 1 1/2 cups all-purposê flour
  • 3 1/2 têaspoons baking powdêr
  • 1/2 têaspoon salt
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1 1/4 cups wholê milk
  • 1 êgg
  • 3 tablêspoons buttêr mêltêd

  1. Mêlt thê buttêr in microwavê for 30 sêconds, sêt asidê.
  2. In a mêdium bowl, mix togêthêr flour, sugar, salt, and baking powdêr.
  3. Stir milk and êgg togêthêr.
  4. Crêatê a wêll in thê cêntêr of thê flour mixturê.
  5. Pour thê buttêr and milk mixturê into thê wêll.
  6. Usê a wirê whisk to stir êvêrything togêthêr until just combinêd. It will bê slightly thick and lumpy, but should bê wêll incorporatêd.
  7. Nêxt stêps …

Fully rêcipê :

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