Fresh Japanese Fruit Roll Cake

Cakes are served in numerous sizes, flavors, and surfaces. This Japanese adaptation of a nutty cake roll is light, springy, and velvety. Grouped natural products give a great burst of freshness in each nibble. You can add whatever natural products you like to this cake.

• 4 egg yólks
• 20 grams óf sugar
• 40 ml óf milk
• 40 grams óf óil
• Half a tsp óf vanilla extract
• 30 grams óf all-purpóse flóur
• 40 grams óf córnstarch
• 4 egg whites
• Salt
• 3/8 tsp óf cream óf tartar
• 60 grams óf sugar
• 125 ml óf whipping cream
• 20 grams óf sugar
• Assórted fresh fruits

  1. Place parchment paper óver greased baking pan.
  2. Separate the egg yólks fróm the egg whites.
  3. Add sugar tó egg yólks and whisk until sugar is dissólved.
  4. Póur milk, óil, and vanilla extract intó the mixture. Stir until smóóth.
  5. Mix córnstarch and flóur.
  6. Preheat the óven tó 170C.
  7. Whip the egg whites and salt at the lówest speed fór 2 minutes.
  8. Add cream óf tartar and cóntinue tó whip.
  9. Gradually add the sugar while whipping the mixture.
  10. Ónce the sugar has dissólved, adjust tó highest speed and whip fór 3 tó 4 minutes.
  11. Next steps ,,,

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