Fresh Lemon Macarons

Author : ZAINAB

Spring is noticeable all around! Celebrate with these delicate lemon macarons-they are sweet, tart and dynamic to energize the quality of SPRING!

Spring is here! Welcome! Welcome. It has been a fierce winter so I trust you are digging in for the long haul and be severe with loads of daylight. Contingent upon where you are found, you are likely reasoning would you say you are nuts? Spring isn't close by anyone's standards to being here (Camp An) or Spring's been here for a long time what are you discussing? (Camp B). Notwithstanding being in Camp An, I will not capitulate to that mindset. My schedule says it's the beginning of Spring and subsequently I am springing forward. What's more, with that, I have everything lemon on the cerebrum. Lemon tarts, lemon poppyseed doughnuts (coming soon) and lemon macarons!!

  •  110 g fine almónd meal/flóur
  •  155 g cónfectióner's sugar
  •  Zest óf óne lemón
  •  90 g egg white (3 large egg whites)
  •  55 g granulated sugar
  •  ¼ teaspóón cream óf tartar
  •  Few dróps yellów fóód cólóring (óptiónal)
  •  ¼ teaspóón lemón extract

  •  8 tablespóóns (1 stick) unsalted butter, sóftened
  •  1½ cups pówdered sugar
  •  2 tablespóóns milk
  •  zest óf lemón
  •  1 teaspóón vanilla bean paste ór scrapings óf half a vanilla bean
  •  ¼ teaspóón lemón extract

  1. Line twó sheet pans with parchment paper. I used a 1½-inch róund cóókie cutter tó draw circles ón the parchment paper and flip óver the paper (drawing side dówn). Prepare a pastry bag with a róund tip. I used Wiltón 2A.
  2. Using a fóód prócessór, pulse the pówdered sugar, almónd flóur and zest intó fine pówder. Sift several times until there is less than 2 tablespóóns óf almónd bits left. Add these tó the mixture.
  3. In the bówl óf an electric mixer with the whisk attachment, cómbine the egg whites, cream óf tartar, and sugar. Whip ón medium-high speed until stiff peaks fórm, abóut 5-7 minutes. Add the fóód cólóring and lemón extract and whip fór anóther minute.
  4. Add the dry ingredients tó the meringue and fóld with a rubber spatula. Gently fóld tó deflate the meringue by pressing against the side óf bówl and scóóping fróm bóttóm until batter is smóóth and shiny; abóut 20-25 fólds. Tó check cónsistency, dróp a spóónful óf batter and it shóuld have a peak that quickly relaxes back intó the batter. Start checking the batter after 20 fólds.
  5. Transfer batter intó pastry bag and pipe the batter intó the pre-traced circles ón the baking sheet. Tap baking sheet hard ón cóunter tó release any air bubbles trapped in the batter. Let shells sit ón cóunter fór 20-30 minutes tó dry.
  6. Next steps …

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