Fresh Pineapple Banana Peach Smoothie

Author : Katie Jasiewicz

My family cherishes smoothies. What family doesn't however? It's a simple method to get in a couple of additional servings of natural products (and some of the time veggies). My significant other, Jon, is the smoothie lord in our home. He makes the best smoothies and regularly makes us smoothies at any rate once on the end of the week. Genuine story, he made this Pineapple Banana Peach Smoothie spontaneously and subsequent to having a couple of tastes I made him quit drinking his smoothie so I could photo the smoothie. This is genuine existence of a nourishment bloggers family. They know at some random minute they may need to quit eating/drinking so one can archive. He just grinned and giggled and went along to my demand. Jon knew at that moment that his smoothie was a hit! On the off chance that I need to record it– he knows its Katie's Cucina affirmed.

I as of late got Barlean's Fish Oil Omega Swirl in Pina Colada season. I was somewhat reluctant/incredulous at first try it an attempt live on my Instagram stories fourteen days prior. You all, it's delectable! Also, the best part is that no fishy burps a while later! As Jon was making the smoothie he realized that the sweet banana, peach, and pineapple had enough normal sugars in them to warrant no extra sugar in this smoothie. He took a gander at me and said "we should put a portion of that new Pina Colada whirl you got in the smoothie". I cheerfully grinned and gave over a teaspoon and the container.

  • 2 cups icé
  • 1 ripé banana
  • 1 ripé péach, pittéd
  • 1 cup frésh pinéapplé with juicé + additional pinéapplé for garnish
  • 2 téaspoons Barléan's Fish Oil Oméga Swirl Pina Colada

  1. In a high-powéréd bléndér placé thé icé, banana, péach, pinéapplé with a littlé bit of its juicé and 2 téaspoons of thé Barléan's Fish Oil Oméga Swirl Pina Colada. Blénd for 45 séconds on high or until thé fruit and icé aré smooth
  2. Néxt stéps …

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